TEFL Internship in Vietnam

Vietnam Internship


US $1500 (Average)


6 - 12 Months


US $790

Adventure around every corner

Teach English in Vietnam

Filled with adventure around every corner, Vietnam ticks every box when it comes to soothing your wanderlust.

You can travel back in time by visiting the temples, cultural shops, and narrow streets oftThe Old Quarter. Maybe you are more of an outdoor, outgoing adventurous person, in which case you may find yourself hiking the trails of Cat Tien National Park which is home to a variety of wildlife. Perhaps you are looking for something unique, something culturally immersive such as a traditional Vietnamese water puppet show, or a cooking class to indulge in authentic Vietnamese cuisine. How about soaking all your troubles away on some of their beaches? If you’re looking for your next laptop screen saver, it’s probably in Sapa.

Whatever it is you are looking for you will find it in Vietnam!

Internship details:

Can you swim? Good! Because you are about to be thrown into the deep end of your TEFL career. Let's be clear, the program provides a lot of support, from obtaining the correct visa, pre-departure assistance, proper training, and orientation (real classes, with real-students), cultural immersion workshops to make sure you know your way around Vietnam, finding long-term accommodation, setting up a local sim and bank account and support throughout your entire teaching contract. But here's the thing: you won’t be a teacher’s assistant or a coach in a language centre. At the end of the teaching practicum you will be placed in a well-paid English teaching JOB, where you will be conducting your classes. Challenge accepted!

Now we all know the saying “with great power … COMES A PRETTY DECENT SALARY”. The average teacher's salary in Vietnam is around $1,500. With the low cost of living, you will be able to pay all your usual expenses, be able to save some money, and even have a beer now and then.

We only ask one thing of you: go and inspire! Touch the hearts and minds of Vietnamese children through your English classes and build their confidence in English listening, speaking, reading, and writing - teaching about 25 hours a week.

There is a fee:

Successful applicants will be required to pay a US $790 fee, which includes the following:

  • Full assistance and support will be provided to assure you acquire the correct visa, set up insurance, and have all pre-departure documents and information ready!
  • Single room accommodation (with your very own bathroom) for 9 nights.
  • A 9-day teaching practicum that will provide you with all the necessary training and orientation, which will include:
    • Welcome party with complimentary dinner and drinks
    • Cultural immersion workshop as well as employment workshop
    • 6-hour observation class wherein you will be placed in a real class with real students
    • 8-hour teaching practice class wherein you will conduct your classes whilst being assessed
  • After which you will be assisted in landing a well-paid ESL job between days 9 and 14.
  • Support throughout your employment contract (teaching contracts range from 6 – 12 months.)

It's really a no-brainer

Major benefits!

Monthly Salary

Average teacher salary in Vietnam is around $1,500

9 Days Accommodation

Single room accommodation (with your very own bathroom) for 9 nights

Local SIM

Assstance in setting up local SIM card

Pre-departure Assistance

Assistance in obtaining the correct visa and documents

Long-term Accommodation Assistance

You will be assisted in finding long-term accommodation

Welcome Party

Complimentary welcome dinner and drinks upon arrival

9-day Teaching Practicum

Training and orientation in real classes with real students

Job Placement

Job placement with partner schools within 14 days or less


Support throughout your entire teaching contract

Eligibility Criteria


What you need:

What you don't need:

Your new destination awaits!


It could be you in these photos


Dont miss out!

Submit your application now!


US $790

Discover the world, one adventure at a time!

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